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Treya Light

2016's Équip'Hôtel Exhibition | Custom-made furniture

Presented at the 2016's Équip'Hôtel exhibition, the Pôle Lorrain de l'Ameublement Bois has required its members' know-how in order to create its own stand's furniture.  

Called for the lighting part, we immediately started to design a model that would fit both the style and the colors suggested by MySplacePlanner, the company in charge of the stand's layout.

Galvanized by this creative challenge, we have mobilized our whole expertise to create a light that could perfectly merge with the stage design imagined by the decorator.

That is how Treya came to life. With its pink color and its symmetrical shape, it looks both noble and extravagant. Wether hung or on foot, it gives a touch of color and exoticism to the place in which it is presented.

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