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Leviosa: an enligthing collaboration with Constance Guisset

Everyone heard about her. Constance Guisset is one of the most famous French designers of the moment and will most likely keep this place for a long time. Indeed, this talented designer from Paris is always surprising us with her creations which are both unique and complex. It is actually the case of her most recent invention: the Leviosa light. Entirely made out of marbled glass, it is shaped as an immaculate white sphere of which the purity naturally brings a sense of calm and serenity.

Photo Credit : Constance Guisset

However, the most surprising element of this modern and sophisticated light remains without any doubt the removable switch Constance Guisset asked us to create. Dressed as a ball with smooth lines and meticulous black or white paint, this switch stands out with its stunning technical feature.

Far from the simple ON/OFF switch, it works through magnetism effect. In other words, the Leviosa light is turned on only when the ball-shaped switch is floating underneath its influence field. Remove the ball and the light turn off.

Its extreme lightness makes it very easy to move. Indeed, made exclusively out of high quality composite material, this sphere is very resistant and has a weight that makes it very comfortable to handle. As many advantages we could not have got without the use of additive manufacturing: a highly technical process on which we built a unique know-how.

Both poetic and futuristic, this sphere-shaped switch finishes up an original invention and proves one more time that Constance Guisset’s creations are full of meaning and surprise.

Photo Credit : Constance Guisset

If just like Constance Guisset you want to collaborate with our team on original and innovative furniture projects, do not hesitate to contact us: We will be glad to support you! We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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