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Additive manufacturing at the service of decorative art

It all began with a bird. Not any bird. The one famous French artists Laurent Derobert and Marc Couturier spotted during their visit of the place where famous French designer Constance Guisset was recently hosting her 10 years anniversary’s Actio! exhibition.

Respectively contemporary artist, contemporary plastic artist and decorative art designer, these three famous creators have decided to unify their talents upon this exhibition placed under the sign of poetry and illusion.

But let us comeback to the topic… Far from what we could imagine, this bird was in fact a simple asperity found within one of the big walls holding the impressive Decorative Arts Museum of Paris.

Photo credit : Constance Guisset

What might seem insignificant to the eyes of the world is much more important for Marc Couturier. Known for is “redressement” concept, this veteran artist from “Côte-d’Or” identifies existing elements within the environment and transforms them into pieces of art.

It goes without saying that the asperity found this day was an ideal expression field for this illusion enthusiast artist.

It is in this both anecdotal and unexpected scenario that we have been requested by Constance Guisset’s studio for the manufacturing of the piece of art that was going to reveal this shy and charming bird to the eyes of the curious visitors.

Recognised for our know-how in terms of additive manufacturing and finishing stage, we have been chosen to conduct this project for which Constance Guisset had a precise idea.

Photo credit : Constance Guisset

The idea was to create a frame that could remind the traditional bird cage, known for its oval shape. Charmed by this unique artistic project, we immediately started to work on the manufacturing of this item, using Constance Guisset's drawing.

For obvious delicacy and resistance reasons required for such a complex piece of art, the item was entirely made out of composite material through additive manufacturing: a high technical process on which we have built a unique know-how.

Finally, the last step to complete was the finishing stage: a primordial part for any aesthetic art or decoration item. This one is systematically completed by our painter and cabinetmaker Simon Englinger. In correspondence with the instructions delivered by Constance Guisset’s studio, the piece of art has been coloured in Persefone green and covered with a fine varnish in order to bring out every detail of it.

With this last touch of embellishment, this inspiring multi know-hows artistic project ended. Here is, for you, a picture of the final result :

Photo credit : Constance Guisset

If just like Constance Guisset and Marc Couturier, you want to collaborate with our team on decorative arts projects, do not hesitate to contact us: We will be glad to support you! We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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