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When crystal mixes with composite material

The mix of material can give birth to unique inventions. This is even more true for the item we have conceived for the need of the company “Cristal de Paris”.

Settled in Montbronn, this company sells crystal items since 1970. After more than 40 years of activity within the culinary art sector, it decides to extend its offer to other decoration fields while addressing the United Arab Emirates market.

That is precisely why we have been called by the director of the establishment who came to us with the idea to distort some of its products into real interior decoration items.

Galvanized by this creative challenge, we directly start to work on the realisation of a light made out of a crystal vase. After few creative discussions, the item is designed: the vase will be the foot of the light while the light will be hosted in a dome inspired by a perfume flask which is very famous in the Middle-East region.

For the manufacturing of this master piece, we naturally decided to use composite material for obvious taste reasons. Indeed, this stiff material was the best for imitating the texture of the metal which is very appreciated by the Middle-Est clientele. Therefore, the use of this material enabled us to satisfy the clientele’s aesthetic preferences while preserving an optimum lightness and solidity.

Captivated by the both aesthetically and functionally pleasing mix of style and material, the company decided to take our creation on while affirming its will to introduce it to its middle-east clientele during its next exhibitions. Here is for you the final result:

If just like the “Cristal de Paris” company, you want to collaborate with our team on original and innovative furniture projects, do not hesitate to contact us: We will be glad to support you! We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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