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Parisian luxury hotel opts for additive manufacturing

Confronted with a technical issue, a prestigious luxury hotel from Paris called the "French Manufacture Alliance" to help redesign a coffee table for which the weight, fragility and dimension had become a problem for the entire maintenance and cleaning staff.

In order to satisfy its customer's request, the "French Manufacture Alliance" had immediately started to look for a company capable of running such an important project.

That is how Synual has been chosen for its unique know-how and its ability to conduct a mission from A to Z. The project was about reproducing all of the table components while carefully respecting the instructions given by the client.

Attached to the coffee table's original design, the luxury hotel wanted to preserve the initial look of it, while freeing it from its weight and dimension issue.

Since the mosaic tray was the most important component, we immediately started to work on it by using the 3D printing technology. After several propositions to the interior architect in charge of the project, we managed to find an agreement on a mosaic design which was light, resistant and incredibly realistic. Therefore, we were now able to proceed with the finishing stage and end up with a very satisfying final result.

Finally, the last thing we had to do was crafting the table frame and the glass slab designed to cover the mosaic tray we just had finished. In order to complete this task, we partnered with the best local craftsmen.

Once the different components assembled, we presented our work to the ordering person who was going to decide what happens next.

Delighted by its aesthetics and lightness, the decision maker finally agreed to furnish the different rooms of the luxury Parisian hotel.

Here you can see an overview of the final result!

If just like the "French Manufacture Alliance" you want to collaborate with our team on original and innovative furniture projects, do not hesitate to contact us: We will be glad to support you! We look forward to hearing from you very soon!

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