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Because perfection is all about the details

We believe in dressing : a unique way to give singularity to your furniture

"The icing on the cake" is certainly the expression that describes the best our dressing craft. This process gives you the chance to add a touch of personality and creativity to existing furniture. In order to meet your expectations, we first make sure to capture your taste in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Then, we use our 3D printing expertise to create the unique object you thougth about. 

Some of our dressing projects

Coat for seat

Made for the base or the backrest of a seat, this coat gives relief and depth to the overall structure. Soft and resistant, its material offers an ideal comfort and an optimum longevity. 3D printed, its shape and color can be entirely customised.

Light dome

Requested by a prestigious client for its crystal lamp, this dome has been designed in a way that it could welcome the light and release it religiously through its silver robe. 

Mosaic imitation

Requested by a prestigious french hotel for the surface of its luxurious low tables, this fake mosaic looks more than real. Its lightness and authenticity makes it a both beautiful and functional material. 

Tables angles

Left naked more than often, angles tables are yet excellent areas of expression. Inspired by this fact, we have created covers that can be entirely customised. When put on, they add a touch of originality and bring a spirit of nobility. 

Share your ideas

If you have dressing ideas or some came to your mind while reading this page, feel free to contact us in order to discuss about it and help you design the object that will exalt your existing furniture. We are looking forward to discovering your projects ! 

From dressing to complete creation

Because we do not want to put any limit to your creativity, we can also help you realise your custom-made furniture project. Wether you have a finished image of your furniture or a simple idea, we give you the possibility to shape the indispensable piece that will enhance the interior you are working on. 

Discover without further ado our passion for creation.

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