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Because we put no limits to your creativity, we offer the creation : a process that gives life to your custom-made furniture projects

Thanks to our 3D printing technology expertise, we are able to create customized furniture based on a simple inspiration.


Whatever the style or the dimension, we can easily answer any customization request. As we like to say, the only limit is your imagination.


Apart from aestheticism which is our core priority, we give a great importance to the ergonomy of your furniture. Inspired by japanese culture, our definition of beauty is about both apparence and functionality. 

When technology meets crafts

Aware about the fact that custom-made realisations involve different aesthetics and functional preferences, we have included the combination of materials into our creation process. 


Combined with 3D printed unique pieces, traditionnal materials like wood or steel will complete and enhance the overall structure of your furniture.


Transformed and carved by our own means, the traditionnal materials we use switch from a raw state to the shape you requested.

Our Artur lamp - born out of the meeting of technology and crafts -  illustrates a perfect example of our creation work. 

Flexibility and creation rapidity

Thanks to our creation workshop "Creative Industry", all the projects we help to achieve are executed by our own means.

This internal concentration of skills and know-how enables us to be fast in deliveries, flexible in creation capacities and reactive to unexcepted events.


We believe that creativity emancipation is also about suppressing some logistical constraints. 


Therefore, we have designed our organisation in a way that simplifies creativy expression.

Remarkable collaboration

Appreciated for our custom-made furniture expertise, we had the chance to collaborate with key professionals from the interior design sector.

Our collaboration with one of the most successful french interior designer Constance Guisset, illustrates the trust we managed to earn through different projects we helped to achieve.

Have a look on our creations

Passionate about interior design, we also manufacture our own Synual's home furniture. True to our know-how, all of our creations can be customized and adapted to your specific projects.


Here you can have a look on our original creations !

Dare the difference

You would like to know more about the custom-made creation and the way it can be applied to your specific projects ?

Feel free to ask questions ! We will be glad to answer them !

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