19 Mar 2018

Confronted with a technical issue, a prestigious luxury hotel from Paris called the "French Manufacture Alliance" to help redesign a coffee table for which the weight, fragility and dimension had become a problem for the entire maintenance and cleaning staff....

10 Jan 2018

Manufactured by Counot Blandin and designed by Hutton Collections, the Chariot Tea Table stands out with its original goat feet... Meant to be carved in wood, these feet have been redesigned for the sake of time saving and simplicity...

15 Dec 2017

Fabriquée par Counot Blandin à la demande des Collections Hutton, la "Chariot Tea able" se distingue par ses appuis en forme de pieds de chèvre... Imaginés en bois sculpté, ces derniers ont dû être repensé dans un soucis de gain de temps et de simplicité...

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Parisian luxury hotel opts for additive manufacturing


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