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Welcome to our custom-made furniture's workshop !

We are Stéphane Pariset, Céline Leliveld et Christophe Herry.

We created Synual with the desire to give singularity to interior decoration. Driven by this willing, we have built our workshop from which we serve interior designers and decorators in search for authenticity. Thanks to our unique know-how, we are able to support custom-made furniture's projects for all types of spaces and establishments.

Céline Leliveld

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Management assistant

Stéphane Pariset

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Chief Manager

Christophe Herry

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Designer & Creative director

Looking for authenticity

Furnishing is undoubtedly the element that reflects the most the spirit of a room. Sensitive to authenticity, we believe that furniture has the duty to express the soul of the place in which it is placed. Therefore, we help interior designers and decorators to reveal the unique concept of an establishment or to make interior housing fit the taste of its occupants.

A unique know-how

All of our furnishing projects are carried out in our workshop, where technology meets crafts. The match between 3D printing and crafts awards us with a great amount of creative possibilities. Freed from any technical constraint, we are able to create custom-made furniture from a single idea.

A recognized competence

Our strong experise gave us rapidly the chance to collaborate with key players from the interior desgin sector. Recognized for our ability to give birth to items from single ideas, we had the chance to be the honored partner of the famous designer Constance Guisset.

A passion for creation

Gifted with a unique know-how in terms of creation, the production of our own Synual collection seemed immediately natural. Designed by Christophe Herry, each of our creations has a particular style and can be customized at your choice. 

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